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About Me

Beware the Craig's List Troll!

You've seen the ads on Craig's List.  You know, "Pro Bassist".  He runs an ad every so often.  Usually has the following things in it:  "Pro-Level Bassist"  "Just moved here from SoCal"  "All Pro gear"  "Professionally managed"  "Professional references and resume"  "Writing and performance credits"  "Looking for working project only - if you just want to jam, don't bother calling".  Sounds like the perfect fit, doesn't it?  So you're lucky enough to allow him to audition your tired, little project.  And you're even luckier that he decides to grace you with his presence!

He knows your entire set list and can tear it up right now.  His chops are fantastic.  His backing vocals are spot on.  His timing and feel are remarkable.  Then, in about a month, the honeymoon fades.  He starts overplaying.  Every song has a bass solo.  He picks fights with the guitar player.  He constantly criticizes the drummer.  He usurps the authority as the band leader.  He asserts creative control of the band.  Soon after, the band members are sniping each other.  The set list is toast.  People are on the verge of quitting.  And that's when "Pro Bassist" makes his singature move and leaves your band for a better project. And there you are, posting on Craig's List for another bassist.

Maybe, just maybe, you should have went with the other guy.  The solid pocket guy who can get out when he has to, not when he wants to.  They guy who can lock with a drummer.  The guy who is completely loyal to the band and his band mates.  The guy who likes to get along.  They guy who can have an adult conversation about arrangments and roles without getting all butt-hurt and starting slap fights.  They guy who shows up on time, sober, in his own rig, with his own gear.  The guy who looks at every live performance the same way a child looks at birthday cake.  The guy who knows his role - bring the bottom and get bodies on the dance floor.

"Pro Bassist" has a place in the world.  His place is not the Tri-Cities.  Look, this ain't Seattle, or Portland, or SanFran.  It's the life support system for Hanford.  I got my day job, my family and my prioriities in order.  I play because I have fun playing, and it should be about the fun first.  If you have grandiose visions of traveling the West Coast, and opening for the openers, and headlining at the <insert farm vegetable> Festival; I'm not your guy.  If you're about playing the locals, getting everyone lubed up and packed onto the dance floor and have a blast, I'm your guy.  Give me a shout - if I'm not busy, maybe we can work something out.

I can play the 4 string, 5 string and upright.  My gear is top notch and well cared-for.  I'm an adult with an established presence in the Tri-Cities.  I have my own transport.  My kids are grown and my wife is supportive, so I can make and keep committments.  I have played metal, classic rock, blues and classic jazz.  My name and face are recognizable (and not in a bad way, I think) with a lot of the established local talent.  I still have all of my own hair.


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